1. Pike fishing is only permitted on Willows Lake from 1st October to 31st march.
  2. Minimum 42” landing net.
  3. x2 rod limit with minimum 2.5lb test curve.
  4. Large padded unhooking mat.
  5. Monofilament line only. Minimum 12lb breaking strain.
  6. Wire traces only, minimum 20lb breaking strain and 18” length.
  7. 1 or 2 semi-barbed treble hooks permitted. Size 6 maximum with a distance not exceeding 3” between hooks.
  8. No lure fishing permitted.
  9. Suitable unhooking equipment, ie long forceps, long nose pliers etc.
  10. Live bait permitted up to 6” & can only be used on 1 rod out of a 2 rod set-up. Live bait must be caught from Willows Lake (carp not permitted as live bait). Only shop bought dead baits are permitted.
  11. When weighing a pike, a designated weigh sling is to be used and must be above a padded unhooking mat.
  12. No pike to be lifted by the chin/gills.
  13. When moving pike to and from the lake, a landing net or designated weigh sling must be used.
  14. No free lining permitted.
  15. All fish to be returned to the water immediately after weighing and photographing. Pike are not to be retained at anytime.
  16. Beginners or novices to fish with competent pike handlers for the safety of the fish and anglers.

Regular rig / spot checks will be carried out. Failure to adhere to these rules, will result in a permanent ban.

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For any extra information, please contact the fishery manager on tel: 07544 933149

Pike Fishing Rules