1. Mono main line only with 25lb minimum breaking strain.
  2. Dedicated catfishing rods, minimum 4lb test curve.
  3. Cat care or similar to be in possession at all times.
  4. Live baits are permitted up to 8 inches provided they are caught from the lake you are fishing.
  5. 3 rods maximum per angler. Rods must not be left unattended in any circumstances.
  6. Extra large unhooking mats or cradles must be used at all times. If only using a mat, a carp cradle must be in possession for accidental carp captures. A pegged out tarpaulin is also recommended in the landing area.
  7. A water bucket must be ready in your landing area to douse mat and fish.
  8. No fixed leads, leads must be able to break free with minimum force. Lead clips are acceptable.
  9. An adequate landing net of 50 inches to be ready before fishing commences.
  10. No catfish to be lifted above knee height and must be above unhooking mat at all times. Only weigh sling to be used to weigh fish.
  11. Suitable hook link material, minimum of 45lb. Wire is not permitted. Barbed hooks are permitted but barbless is preferred. Single hook rigs only, no treble hooks permitted.
  12. All fish to be returned immediately after weighing and being photographed. Catfish are not to be retained at any time.
  13. Any damaged or injured catfish to be reported to the fishery manager or bailiff ASAP.

Regular rig / spot checks will be carried out. Failure to adhere to these rules, will result in a permanent ban.

For any extra information, please contact the fishery manager on tel: 07544 933149

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Catfishing Rules